Safety Programs

At Plains Midstream Canada (PMC), we value our employees and work to ensure they are operating in a healthy and safe environment. Our commitment to safety is supported by a variety of safety initiatives and programs. 

Life Rules

Life Rules is a set of 10 rules every employee and contractor needs to know and follow to continue to work safely. Educational exercises, employee engagement, and follow-up surveys are conducted to ensure the rules are understood and followed. An essential cornerstone of Life Rules is the Stop Work Authority.

Stop Work Authority

At PMC, every employee or contractor is responsible for and authorized to stop any work that does not comply with Life Rules, safety policies, or procedures. PMC’s president personally gave his word that no employee or contractor will suffer repercussions for stopping unsafe work.

Green Hand Program

The oil and gas industry recognizes that employees are most vulnerable or at risk in the first six months on the job. PMC provides all new employees, including students, with safety orientation and training as well as a personal safety mentor. They are then given a green hardhat to identify them so experienced workers can mentor these less experienced employees. Green hardhats are worn for at least six months.

Management Walk-Around

To emphasize our management’s commitment to safety process, performance and culture, senior managers take part in “walk-arounds.” These are visits to field sites to observe, identify, understand and discuss opportunities for safety improvement. For a set number of times a year, senior managers walk through sites and encourage employees to bring forward any issues or concerns, which are then tracked, investigated and addressed.

Contractor Oversight

ISNetworld (ISN) is an online resource that connects clients with safe and reliable contractors. ISN tracks contractor eligibility, insurances, Workers’ Compensation Board coverage, safety management programs, and other characteristics to ensure we are hiring contractors who are aligned with PMC’s safety objectives and industry standards.

Incident Management Tool

PMC's developed an online incident-management tool that puts ownership and accountability in the hands of all employees. The tool allows risk and cause analysis and includes an audit and inspection function. It allows us to ensure root causes of incidents have been addressed.

Visitor Visibility Program

The Visitor Visibility Program has been developed to identify and manage all worksite visitors, effectively creating a heightened awareness around visitor safety, from the moment they step onto a PMC worksite until they leave. Intent of Visitor Visibility:

  • Ensure visitors are visible to PMC personnel
  • Create a formalized process and procedure on how to manage PMC visitors
  • Ensure that all PMC worksites understand and follow the PMC Visitor Safety & Security Safe Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Ensure that all worksite visitors are oriented, accompanied and fitted in appropriate personal protective equipment

A visitor is defined as PMC Non-Operations Corporate Personnel, a Regulatory Agency Officer, Media Personnel, Auditors, Community Members, and Third-Party Business Partners.